MaxPro 55 Watt Stainless Steel Pond UV Clarifier MPUV55


MaxPro Ultraviolet Clarifiers are constructed of durable stainless steel. These durable professional grade UV sterilizers can effectively eradicate "pea soup" green water and algae blooms in your pond or water garden. Available in three models -- 40 watt, 55 watt and 75 watt, multiple units can also be run inline for extra large ponds. Attachments included allow these units to easily connect to standard or flex 2" PVC pipe or flexible tubing commonly used by water garden enthusiasts. Features a 3" housing for maximum flow rates. Ultra efficient UV lamp designed to last 9,000 hours.


  • Rugged, industrial strength UV clarifier for residential, commercial, and municipal projects
  • Reflective stainless steel sterilization chamber boosts UV-C effectiveness by 35%
  • Oversized intlet & outlet ports plus 3" diameter housing, produces better flow rates
  • Includes 2" Quick-Connect unions for easy installation to standard PVC pipe
  • Clear connections allow pond owner to easily verify when lamp is in use
  • Multiple units can be easily run in parallel for large applications
  • 2" FIPT intlet & outlet "standard schedule 40 PVC fittings"
  • Ultra efficient UV-C lamp lasts 9,000 hours
  • Available in 40, 55 & 75 watt sizes
Item # Description Price Points  
MPL55 MaxPro UV 55 Watt Replacement Lamp Was $69.00$59.95 60 Add to Cart
MPUV55 MaxPro 55 Watt Stainless Steel Pond Ultraviolet Clarifier Was $399.00$349.95 300 Add to Cart
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